Middle East Fun

Well, what can I say about the wonderful world of politics? Iran is now officially on the cross hairs. Yeah, I know that President Trump is willing to “negotiate” with the leader of Iran, just as he did with the leader of North Korea. But let’s see where that gets us. As it looks now, Iran still wants to wipe Israel of the map. In all likelihood, they will at least give it a shot using Hamas as their proxy army. Then the fun will really start. Iran is supporting the Houthi rebels in Yemen through corporations in Germany that they have set up. The Houthi’s have already attacked a Saudi oil tanker in the gulf of aden. Not good at all. When the Iranian’s start interfering with the flow of oil through the Strait of Hormuz, the fireworks will start. Just remember to tune into CNN and bring the popcorn.


Are You Lonely Tonight?

Summer has finally arrived, Here in South Florida we have hot weather, humidity, and rain. Not to mention the occasional hurricane. Every now and then I take a trip to the beach to enjoy some salt air and sightseeing. One thing that really sticks out are the bikini babes on the beach. Even an old man like me still has some testosterone floating around in his system. This brings me to my next point: are you lonely tonight? If you are and have a decent sized bankroll, an international bride may be in your future. If you cannot meet a woman from your own culture, you might want to give this a whirl.

The Latest Round of BS.

Okay, here we go again. Piper Aircraft, located in Vero Beach, my current town, is searching for the right people. As a two time Piper loser, I can honestly say that the BS does not get any thicker. Within a year of their latest hiring binge, Piper normally has a mass layoff. So if you are not in the good old boy clique, your replacements are now being hired. Due to the constant threat of layoffs, the job culture at Piper is strictly one of survival.